The Global Forager is about to depart

Welcome to my new site, The Global Forager. In here, I will keep you posted on where in the world I am at any given moment, what foods I am eating, and how the culture differs from the United States, where I was born and raised. In January (2011) I will begin a year (at least) of world travel. To begin with, I will be going to Memphis, TN, to visit my best friend Renee and my sister Linda for 2-3 weeks. Then I’ll come back to Arlington, TX, and spend another 3 weeks or so with my daughter and celebrate my son’s 22nd birthday.

By March 1, 2011, I expect to either be in Europe, or on the way. Since it’s still winter for most of Europe in early March, I am not certain yet where I’ll go first. Spain, maybe, where it’s quite warm in the south. I will work my way northward, so that by mid summer I’ll be in the United Kingdom. This way I’ll be able to miss both the coldest and hottest weather. See, there’s something to this world travel!

The reason I am going to be a nomad for a year is that I long to meet new people and talk to them about their food. My intention is to stay a while in each location and really settle into the culture. I want to know how others get their food, how they preserve it, how they prepare it, and how they eat it. I’ll be keeping good records of it all, and at the end, I want to publish my findings in a book. While I want to be a writer, my primary purpose is just to meet new people and understand them better. I need to experience the sun and the moon all over the Earth; I need to experience the fact that people all over the world are the same species: Homo sapiens sapiens. We are all alike in as many ways as we are different.

It is my hope that you will follow me around the world and see it as I do: one big playground!

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