Birthday Feast

My birthday was January 26th. I spent most of the day being very lazy: playing on the internet, talking to my friend, Renee, doing a little homework for my two online classes. At 6pm, though, my sister, Linda, and her husband, Frank, picked us up and took us to dinner at an Asian buffet called Grand Pacific here in Memphis.

If this restaurant isn’t owned by the same people who run China Harbor in Arlington, Texas, I’ll be very surprised. The layout was very similar; they had a sushi bar, and most of the same dishes. It was very good.

Trying to be good on my diet, I had mostly meat items, including Habachi (sic) Chicken, chicken-on-a-stick (I can’t remember the name they gave it), fried shrimp, sesame chicken. For veggies, I had mushrooms in a soy-type sauce and fried zucchini. I also had a spoonful of fried rice.

As you might notice from my list of foods, what I ate wasn’t very low carb. Much of it was fried in white flour, and all of it was served in sugary sauces. Not good choices for someone who has diabetes. Maybe I should have had something bland like Moo Goo Gai Pan, or even Broccoli Chicken or Beef.

After dinner, we all went back to my sister’s house and had Meyer Lemon Poundcake (care of Williams-Sonoma®) and Blue Bell™ Homemade Vanilla ice cream. Oh. My. God. So good! And more carbs!

When we got home (at 11:45pm) I checked my blood sugar and it was around 244. Yikes! The next morning it was still at 225, and it took eating mostly protein and fat yesterday to get it back down to closer to where it should be.

I also noticed that my ankles and fingers were swollen when I went to bed Wednesday night. My first thought is that there was too much MSG in the Chinese food. It’s possible, because a lot of their sauces were soy sauce based, and there is naturally occurring monosodium glutamate in soy sauce. It could also just be too much junk food.

Despite all that, I had a great birthday and really enjoyed my treats. I guess I could count that day as my cheat day, like Tim Ferriss suggests in his new book, Four Hour Body. Yeah, that’s the ticket. I was on a cheat day!

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  1. Happy Birthday (belated) Erica!!!

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