I’m in London, baby!

Well, it’s been about 3 weeks since I last posted, and I feel terrible that I haven’t been more verbose. However, I was getting ready for my nomadic trip to Europe, and just let it slide. I arrived in London this morning, 11:30am (guess it was about 5:30am, Texas time). After getting through the UK Border, wherein the woman grilled me for over five minutes about why I was in the UK with practically no money, and I wasn’t planning on working here, was I?, she finally stamped my passport and I was in. Customs was much easier, as there was absolutely no one in the room, so I just breezed on through.

Got a couple of Underground day passes, and rode the subway from Heathrow to Earl’s Court. From there, I walked several blocks, looking for the Earl’s Court Youth Hostel (never found it), and finally paid 2 pounds to use an internet cafe. Most of the YHA hostels were booked up for tonight, but found the Smart Russell Square hostel, not too far from the Russell Square Underground, and not far from the British Museum.

I’m so tired! My food hasn’t been the best the past 24 hours, either. On the flight, I ordered a Moslem meal, thinking that I’d get a lot of meat and maybe lower carbs. Nuh-uh. There was a salad with Newman’s Own Creamy Caesar dressing, and the entree was very good: chicken (I think) in a red, spicy sauce, white rice, and lentils/dahl (also spicy), plus a half a pita. The pickled veggies that came with it were too nasty for me to eat. Dessert was a weird (to me) thing: 3 hockey puck-sized white buns, sitting in what tasted like thinned out sweetened condensed milk. I ate the whole thing, and suffered for it all night! My feet swelled, and I had ankle pain on one foot, which made me wonder if it was the overloading of sugar or being on a plane all night, trying to sleep in cramped conditions. Anyway, by morning the swelling was gone, thank the gods. Breakfast on the Moslem meal plan was a cup of orange juice, a cup of tropical fruit in fruit juices, and a roll. Sheesh! A diabetic’s nightmare! I ate the fruit and one of my low-carb protein bars, and had some tea with Truvia and a bit of real sugar in it, plus milk.

And that’s all I’d eaten today, until an hour or so ago, when I ate beef jerky I bought in Buffalo, TX, on the Greyhound bus ride to Houston, another low-carb bar, and some water. I’ll probably go to bed soon, and eat the hostel’s breakfast tomorrow, and then splurge on some Pakistani take-away later. Take-away = carry-out in the U.S., and is cheaper than sitting down to a meal in a restaurant.

Now for the exercise I got today: I walked London’s Heathrow Airport, which is HUGE, then walked about 7 blocks around Earl’s Court, then took the wrong subway and ended up walking down about 3 or 4 flights on a spiral staircase. Since the Underground stations are all, well, underground, I walked up and down about 10+ flights of steps. Guess what? My legs are rubbery! Oh, and my hostel bed? It’s the top bunk, of course. My room is on the 2nd floor, which means it’s on the 3rd floor, as the main/ground floor is called just that: the ground floor. The toilets are between the floors (and this is an old building with 12′ ceilings, so the flights are longer than in the U.S.) and the showers are in the basement! I knew I should have been moving more, instead of sitting on my ass in Memphis for a month.

More to come on the adventure of my life. I took no pics today, as it was all I could do to carry my backpack plus my satchel purse (crammed full), a hoody jacket on my arm, and my Pashmina around my neck.

Stay tuned!

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7 Responses to I’m in London, baby!

  1. Renee says:

    I’m so glad you made it ok. I hope all the walking doesn’t cause any more problems. I’ve been missing you since you left here and so has Miles. I can’t wait to see what uyou post next. Love ya and be careful

  2. congrats on making your trip happen! how long are you in london for? do you plan on staying at that hostel for the whole time you are there?

    • ericagott says:

      No, Marianne, I’m heading out of London tonight. Too expensive here. A friend near Stirling, in Scotland, has time to visit with me on Sunday, so may head back up to Scotland for a few days. Looking for a really cheap or free place to stay.

  3. ericagott says:

    Actually only at this place for tonight, as they’re booked up for the weekend. London is expensive, so wanted to head somewhere else. Just haven’t decided where yet.

  4. Caitlin Collier says:

    Hey, Erica. Glad you made it safely to London. Wonderful to read your post. How is the weather?

    • ericagott says:

      Hi, Cait! The weather is beautiful! Sunny and cool. It’s about 55F right now. Feels great. It was warm in the hostel last night, so slept with only a sheet. Of course, we also had curtains on our bunk beds for privacy, and that makes it warmer, too. Saw daffodils blooming in a box on a fence yesterday. First ones I’ve seen this year.

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