Stirling, Scotland: Home of the Wallace Monument

Arrived in Stirling this morning at 11:15am. Should have arrived at 8:15am, but we sat on the side of the highway for 2 1/2 hours waiting to get a tire changed. No problem, I slept through it anyway.

I’m staying with a couchsurfer tonight. Gotta love couchsurfing! This is my first time. It’s so nice to have had a shower and be quiet and not moving. My clothes are in the washer, and I’m gonna nap till this evening, when my host and I will head back to the city center to have dinner.

Yesterday, I decided against spending the money on the big bus tours and walked to Buckingham Palace from Victoria Coach station. It wasn’t very far. Of course, I missed the changing of the guard, but it was nice, nonetheless. I crossed the street to the Queen’s gardens, and then followed the sound of shouting past Trafalgar Square and to Hyde Park, where I discovered a group of Muslims protesting the mess in Lybia.

Muslim protest. I flipped the sign so you can read it. I was standing behind them.

They want the UK to stay out of it. Their signs said the shariya would take care of Lybia. I took a video of it with my camera. May try to post it soon.

The escalator was broken, so I had to walk down these stairs in the underground.

Big Ben!

Houses of Parliament, from the Southwark Bridge over the Thames

I hopped on the Tube and went to see the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, etc., then back on the Tube to see the Globe Theater. It took a bit more walking, but finally I found it and bought a postcard or two before they closed the shop. When I came out, it was dark. The Globe sits right on the Thames waterfront. It was so pretty. Exhausted, I found the Tube again and headed back to Victoria Coach station, where I’d left my bag and bought a night coach ticket to Stirling.

Wanting something to eat, I stopped at a shop along the way and bought a falafel sandwich (in a pita with ‘salad,’ which is lettuce, tomato, onion, and cucumber with a garlic mayo dressing. It was sooo good, tasted like the Egyptian falafel I had in 2000. He said he supplied everyone in town with falafels. I believe it because I’d go back to London just for that.

It’s getting harder and harder to type this on my host’s computer. They keyboard is a cross between Italian and UK and nothing is where it should be. Going to go take a nap, now. Talksoon. Oh, and when I can, I’ll get some pics up.

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One Response to Stirling, Scotland: Home of the Wallace Monument

  1. Glad you have a place to stay. I know what you mean about the foreign keyboards. I had to use a French one in France and it was near impossible to type on! lol

    Post some pics with your posts if you can!

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