What I’ve been eating in Scotland

I have this lovely section on food, and find myself talking about what I eat in my main posts. Well, here is what’s for dinner (and breakfast and lunch) in Stirling, Scotland this week:

Day 1:
Breakfast—U.S. low-carb bars from my stash (I was still on the bus up from London), mini-chocolate Digestives, and half a bottle of the nastiest low-cal Vitamin Water-type drink ever.
Dinner—Indian fare at the Taj Mahal restaurant. I had lamb, Arianna had chicken. We shared rice and naan, and I had an Indian beer. Both meals for £19.95, no tipping.

Day 2:
Breakfast—2 cups of tea with milk and Truvia. Forgot to eat.
Lunch—nothing. Was out with Cathie and Bill to see Linlithgow Palace.
Dinner—pub fare, fried mushrooms on a bed of dressed lettuce (2 starters in one, and both delish), and then fish and chips. Best fish ever. Had a half-pint of ‘lime and lager,’ which is a Tennant’s with lime juice added. Tea with milk after.

Day 3:
Breakfast—tea with milk (my stand-by), yogurt.
Lunch—brie and bacon panini, tea with milk. Both at a little café at a woolen shop next door to where Hamish the Hielan’ Coo is stabled.
Dinner—Clives in Bridge of Allan, just north of Stirling. Had a starter of haggis, neeps and tatties, entrée of Scottish steak-burger. This is their hamburger. I had them hold the bun. It came with chips, cole slaw, and ‘dressed leaves,’ which is to say lettuce with an Italian dressing. Had a glass of merlot with it all. Couldn’t finish it.

Day 4:
Breakfast—tea with milk and Fage yogurt with the rest of my mini-chocolate Digestives
Lunch—again, forgot to eat, because I was sitting in the library on the internet and you can’t eat there
Dinner—whole-grain bread, spread with farm butter and mature Farmhouse cheddar, grilled. After, I had a cup of tea with milk and some chocolate Hobnobs. Yum.

Day 5:
Breakfast—2 cups of tea with milk, more grilled cheese toast, 2 chocolate Hobnobs
Lunch—nothing, I’m at the library again!
Dinner—I’ll let you know. I’m down to the last of my bread, butter, and cheese. Still have a few Hobnobs left, though. May splurge on some take-away.

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3 Responses to What I’ve been eating in Scotland

  1. Amy says:

    Yum! What the heck are neeps and tatties?

    • ericagott says:

      Neeps are turnips, or rutabagas. They call them ‘swede’ here, for some reason. Tatties are mashed potatoes.

      • ericagott says:

        Update on vegetable names. In Ireland, they call rutabagas simply ‘turnips.’ In Scotland, they are ‘swedes.’ In the US, they’re ‘rutabagas.’ However, when talking about the national meal of Scotland, it’s ‘haggis, neeps, and tatties.’

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