Next stop, Glasgow

It’s been a relaxing yet crazy week here in Stirling. In a panic with dwindling funds, I applied to some Irish workaways, as well as talked to the volunteer center here about helping out in exchange for room and board. The volunteering is a possibility, but will take some time to get sorted and get the UK gov’t to give me permission, as they consider volunteering the same as work, only unpaid. You’d think they’d be happy to have help!

One of the Irish workaways called me to offer me the month of March, helping out in their hostel/b&b in County Donegal, in the north (but not North Ireland). I can get an Irish coach from Glasgow to their doorstep on Wednesday. Now I’m in the process of looking for couchsurfing opportunities in Glasgow so I can explore that city before I leave Scotland. (edit: I’m now to stay with his half-sister in Glasgow from tomorrow, so maybe I can just visit with the couchsurfers.)

Had lunch with Arianna and her mom, Mirella, yesterday at their flat. Mirella is from northern Italy, near the border with Austria. We had crispy chicken tenders, cooked in olive oil with lemon and fresh sage leaves. This dish is one of Arianna’s favorites, she told me. I loved it! We also had a fresh salad of what we call in the U.S. baby spring greens, along with cherry tomatoes, and cucumber (in Italian: il cetriolo). Of course, dressed with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. There was mozzarella slices with olive oil and seasoning, rectangles of parmesan and some prosciutto. For dessert we had a tiramisu they bought that was really delish. Now I can say I’ve had both Indian and authentic Italian food in Scotland.

The sun we’ve all enjoyed here the past week is hiding beneath cloudy skies today. I think it must rain every night, the streets are wet when I wake up in the morning. Or it’s just that humid, I’m not sure which. Good news is that it hasn’t rained during the day for me. One resident warned me that they could still get snow at this time of year, even though the trees are all budding out and flowers are beginning to bloom. Spring isn’t really here until the end of the month, into April.

You want more pictures, you say? Well, I’m happy to oblige.

Formal hire means kilts in Scotland!

This view of the cemetery seemed rather lonely.

Lynn, desk clerk at the Scottish Youth Hostel, with Matilda

Arianna with her mother, Mirella, and Matilda

Richard MacDonald, a 'piper who lives in Stirling. Met him in McDonald's!

The lower floor in McDonald's. Yes, I've eaten there twice, it's cheap! Pretty elegant looking, eh?

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5 Responses to Next stop, Glasgow

  1. Renee says:

    Looks like you’re having loads of dun. Wish I was there with you.

  2. Renee says:

    Mean loads of fun! Lol

  3. The McDonald’s in Europe are much classier than they are in the US. Wonder why that is?

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