Spring finally arrived; sort of

After yesterday’s gales and storms, today dawned beautiful and only partly cloudy. The kind of clouds that are white and fluffy and fun, with the sun playing peek-a-boo in and around them. Lordy, it was so nice! It wasn’t a lot warmer than yesterday, but the bright sun made it feel like it was. We even left doors open in the annex and Millhouse, to air things out.

The laundry done earlier this morning was hung out on the lines, and they gaily whipped in the breeze. They dried quickly, too. I spent a couple of hours in the Millhouse, stripping linens upstairs, making up rooms, hoovering (the European term for what we call vacuuming in the U.S.), and washing and hanging out more laundry. Last weekend we were completely full, so there’s a lot of laundry to be done to catch up (we have 9 rooms, and there are from 1-5 beds in each room).

This afternoon, the clouds rolled back in, and some of the linens ended up in the greenhouse again. Marina and Denis, her son, hung the last 2 loads back out on the lines, in the hopes that they’d get mostly dry before dark.

Marina invited me for a walk, and we headed up the back road toward Dunfanaghy. It’s not safe to walk the N.56, the main highway. This back road is narrow, and the scenery is phenomenal. I’ve put pictures of the walk below. The sheep are lambing now, and there are so many cute little lambs, just gamboling about. There’s a snowy mountain in the distance, the grass is green, and the gorse is beginning to really blossom. It’s yellow flowers are so cheery.

We didn’t walk all the way to Dunfanaghy, but maybe a third of the way. It takes about an hour to walk to town, or maybe 20 minutes by bicycle. I’ll take one of the Mill bikes one day and go check out the Horn Head cliffs near town. On the way back, we saw a rainbow. It was a complete arc, from one side to the other, and you could tell the end of one side was in front of the hill. I’m sure there was a pot of gold there, guarded by a leprechaun.

It rained on us on the way back. Marina decided that since we didn’t get the sheets in beforehand, we’d just leave them out tonight. Tomorrow’s supposed to be partly sunny again and around 42F (6C).

I’m tired and happy these last few days. Marina gave me 2 hot water bottles to keep me warm at night, and I find I’m sleeping better than I have in many months. I only get up once a night to go to the bathroom, which is good, since I have to climb up and down a ladder from the loft! My little cot is quite comfortable. Maybe part of it is the exercise I’m getting. Whatever it is, this place is delightful.

Garden steps

2 of the 3 chickens who live here

The back road to Dunfanaghy

Fields at sunset

Gang of lambs gamboling

Marina on the back road to Dunfanaghy

Can you see the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?

snowy mountain

window on the garden at Corcreggan

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One Response to Spring finally arrived; sort of

  1. I’m loving all the pictures Erica!! How cool that you get to see the lambs lambing!
    I have to tell you, we were in southern Ireland last May and it was still a bit cold some days. Hopefully warmer weather comes quicker this year!

    Btw, i found this site today and thought it might be a good resource:
    There’s tons more other options if you Google “house sitting.” That could be an option for you as you travel around!

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