Irish grocery stores

Yesterday I went to Letterkenny (the nearest ‘big town’) to get groceries. Here’s what I bought:

The Natural Way
organic lemon curd
natural golden caster sugar (unrefined cane sugar: this is evaporated cane juice)
carob bar (wanted something chocolate like, and this had no added sugar. I’ll let you know how it tastes.)

yogurt (took a while, but finally found plain, full-fat)
Irish cheddar cheese, mature (mature = sharp)
Irish butter, unsalted
lard (next to the butter and margarine, unadulterated and unhydrogenated)
eggs (free-range)
ground beef (called mince here and in the UK)
bacon rashers (called back bacon and like a bacon-y ham)
salt & vinegar crisps ( = potato chips)
100% wholemeal bread (wholemeal = whole wheat)
garlic powder (truly ‘powdery’ — should have gotten ‘granules’)
sweetener (cyclamate and saccharine tablets; Splenda was prohibitive and only in tablets; all else was aspartame)
Hobnobs, Dark Chocolate
Irish mushrooms
peppermint tea

Did you notice that many items are “Irish?” Even their meat is labeled Irish, and they can trace it right back to the farm. I’m not sure if they are just proud of producing their own foods, or worried about importing some kind of bad stuff.

organic ketchup
brown sauce (not organic)
creme fraiche
lemon juice (in a bottle)
onions (from Spain)
2 cans of peeled plum tomatoes

I ate yogurt with some lemon curd this morning. For lunch I had a piece of bacon and 2 fried eggs, plus one slice of toast with butter and lemon curd. I had just finished lunch when I was invited to Brendan and Marina’s for coffee. They foam the milk and add it, and I’ve discovered I really like it that way. I add a little demerara sugar to it. They also had scones with raisins (sultanas?) and I had a half of one, with butter.

For supper I’ve had more yogurt, with just a little sugar added. I was going to make a burger with fried onions and mushrooms, rutabaga hash browns, and Brussels sprouts, but that didn’t happen. We’re supposed to get a big group in and I kept waiting for them before cooking. It’s 9pm and I’m hungry.

It’s now 10:15pm. As I was typing the previous paragraph, the guests arrived. They are from Saudi Arabia originally, but are living in Dublin at the moment. I showed them to their rooms (2 families), and then went up to the kitchen to see what the wives were cooking for dinner. That story will come tomorrow, as it’s late and I need to go up to bed now.


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