Today’s dinner

This is just a quick little post to talk about what I ate today. I realized that I haven’t said a lot about food the past few days, but have just posted pictures (not that that’s a bad thing).

Breakfast: 2 cups of tea with milk (3 tabs of my artificial sweetener, 1/2 tsp evap cane juice, and a spoonful of virgin coconut oil), 2 slices wholemeal Irish soda bread with butter and brie.

Lunch: 1 cup of tea, 3 Dark Chocolate Hobnobs (oops, diet malfunction)

Snack: 1 cup of ginger beer (the good stuff, bought at the Green Man; very spicy!)

Dinner: 1 hamburger patty (made with egg), onions and mushrooms fried in the fat from cooking the burgers, and 2 small potatoes, sliced and fried in butter and lard, with turmeric. Had a little organic ketchup with the burger, and water to drink.

Dessert: freshly fried apples (a little sugar, a lot of cinnamon and some nutmeg), with store-bought custard

Snack: 1 mug of peppermint tea with 3 tabs sweetener and 1/2 tsp cane juice

Loved my dinner and dessert. I now have 3 more burger patties to eat for the next few days. Next time I’ll have the turnip hash browns instead of the potatoes for fewer carbs.

Living about 20-30 feet from my job, I have the luxury of coming and going and checking the laptop for internet updates. Makes it a little too easy to grab a snack, though. The last few days have been slow here at the hostel. We’ve only got one couple right now. Since all the rooms are cleaned, there isn’t a lot to do. That’s nice, up to a point.

Did get a lovely walk in this morning with Marina and Danu. We explored an old abandoned house up the road. Wished I’d brought the camera, because the stonework on the barn was phenomenal. Must go back and photograph it so I can show it to you.

OK, it’s off to bed now, as it’s 10pm. Tomorrow will be another adventure, I’m sure.

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