Ards Forest and Marble Hill excursion

Yesterday Marina took me (and Danu) to see Marble Hill beach and Ards Forest. Both are only a few minutes drive from Corcreggan Mill, heading east towards Letterkenny. I’ve made a picture of the map Brendan created about a year or so ago, so you can get a sense of where I’m talking about.

First up was Marble Hill, a gorgeous stretch of sandy beach that rivals Killyhoey Beach for beauty. Just up the hill from the beach is an old stone house that Marina tells me was the servants’ quarters for the ‘big house’ there. This area was where George Russell introduced Yeats to the sidhe, or the faery realm. There is a big patch of daffodils in the front of the house. Danu had a good time sniffing everything while we strolled, and then we got back in the car and headed back to the main road.

At Ards Forest Park, we drove down a lovely winding lane through the trees, while Danu raced alongside the Jeep. Ards is what, in America, we’d call a national park. It’s managed by the Irish government. At the carpark, we got out and walked out to the boardwalk that takes you through the beach grasses out to the surf. The Back Strand reaches all the way back almost to the carpark, and there were a few families out today enjoying the sand and the walk.

We drove back out of the park and back to Corcreggan Mill. I started this post, then was interrupted by Brendan telling me he’d taken all of the apples out of the shed and I was to sort them and start cooking. I’ll save that story for another post, however.

Dunfanaghy area walks map

Marble Hill old house was servants' quarters for the big house

Marble Hill daffodils nodding on official Daffodil Day, 26 March

Danu and Marina at Marble Hill

Marble Hill beach, looking left

The beach at Marble Hill

Ards Forest sign

Ards Forest Back Strand boardwalk with Danu

Ards Forest Back Strand beach


Danu at Ards Forest

Muckish Mtn from Ards Forest Back Strand

Muckish Mtn from Ards Forest

Ards Forest Back Strand beach

Hobbit House in Ards Forest?

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2 Responses to Ards Forest and Marble Hill excursion

  1. Lovely pictures of a lovely place!

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