Cooking with apples from the garden

What to do with a whole lot of apples? Make yummy things with them, of course! I went online and searched out crumble recipes, which in the US we call ‘crisps.’ I also found a couple of cobbler recipes, since I apparently don’t have my mother’s recipe on my laptop. Guess I have that one on paper back in Arlington, Texas.

So, Brendan wanted me to use up last fall’s apples from his trees. He told me he wanted pies. He got crumble. Very delicious. But I’m getting ahead of myself. I went out to the shed and started going through the apples, many of which have rotten spots. The perfect ones went back into the shed for later, and all the rest (2 buckets, 1 washpan, and a fruit crate) went to the Mill House kitchen.

First, I made the crumble mixture, which included self-raising flour (all there was, I’d have preferred plain), organic oat flakes (read: rolled oats), brown sugar, and butter. Then I sat on a chair and cut out bad spots, peeled, and cored a lot of apples. Once they were washed off and cut into 1/2″ pieces, I sprinkled on a little of the flour, more brown sugar, and cinnamon. Next, I put the apples into buttered metal dishes (using what I could find: oval au gratin pans; 1 large, 3 small), and then mounded the crumble mixture on top. I cooked the little pans for 20 minutes at 180C/350F, and the large pan I baked for 40 minutes. I had to put foil on top for the last half, as the topping was beginning to get too brown.

Despite my guessing at quantities (no scale to weigh ingredients, and not sure how many dry ounces per gram), they came out delicious. I’ll be making a lot of these over the next few days, I think. Brendan will source me some disposable aluminum pans so we can freeze them. Tomorrow I’m going to make a cobbler and more fried apples. Hopefully I’ll be able to convince Marina to make blinis to put the fried apples in.

I wrote the above two days ago. Yesterday I did get back into the Millhouse kitchen to make more apple goodness. This time I used the disposable flan pans Marina had (about 6-7” across, less than an inch deep) and made six crumbles and one large cobbler. I was out of brown sugar, so had to use regular white sugar, and the crumble mixture didn’t turn out as nice and didn’t brown much. Definitely need to use brown sugar for this.

The cobbler recipe I found said to melt the butter in the pan, then pour the batter on top of that. Finally, put the apples on top of the batter. Oh.My.God. It came out very delicious, and Brendan ended up eating two servings. He claimed he liked both the crumble and the cobbler, but he seemed to really like the cobbler. Now I have to figure out if I can freeze cobbler. Marina and I wrapped up the six mini-crumbles in plastic wrap and put them in the freezer for later consumption.

Today I think I’m going to take my day off, as it’s going to be somewhat sunny and about 53F/11C. The next few days are forecast for rain and cooler temps. It always feels warmer when the sun is shining, anyway. Tomorrow I’ll be back in the kitchen making more apple thingys. Last night Brendan brought me some mini-loaf pans (disposable foil) and three different kinds of brown sugar. Stay tuned!

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