More apples. Will they never end?

I’m still cooking with apples. I’ve made apple crumbles (3 batches), apple cobblers (3 different recipes), apple pastries (like little muffin-shaped empanadas), fried apples, and apples cooked with onions (not my fave). So far, I’ve used about half of what I brought into the kitchen a few days ago, and there are more in the shed.

Marina thinks I need a day off from cooking apples, and she may be right. However, the wind is really blowing outside, and while the temp is about 44F/7C, it feels more like 26F/-3C. We don’t have guests until tomorrow, and all the laundry is done for now. I had a brainstorm when I was labeling the pastries as mini-empanadas. They didn’t turn out like I expected them to–not enough apple for the amount of pastry–although the others loved them. Next I think I’ll make up more pastry and make real empanadas. They should look familiar to the Irish and Scots, as they are like pasties, only with fruit instead of meat and potatoes. Mmmm, now I can’t wait to go try them out.

I’ll also make some more cobblers, and the last batch turned out really tasty. And since I have more crumble mixture, of course I’ll make more of those, too.

Enjoy the latest pics, which include the kitchen where I’m creating all this magic.

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One Response to More apples. Will they never end?

  1. oooh yum! i love anything made with apples! send some over this way!

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