Where am I? In France!

Last Monday I traveled from Ireland to England (Kettering) to meet my new host and help him load his big van with things from the old homestead and take it to the new one in France, near St. Maixent l’Ecole. I had no internet all week until I arrived yesterday, so couldn’t update you on the whole fun thing of taking 15 hours to traverse an area not much larger than from west Fort Worth to east Dallas.

I wish I could do that update now, but it’s been a really long day and I am still exhausted from my travels (and the 3 glasses of red wine with dinner, but that’s another story).

Suffice it to say that France (not too terribly far from Poitiers) is gorgeous and full of flowers, including my favorite, lilacs. There are no fewer than four different colors growing across the lane, and they all smell divine. The fruit trees are in blossom, as is the wisteria, and it’s very like an early spring day in north Texas here.

I’ll be back soon with pictures and more details of it all. Until then, take care and talksoon!

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2 Responses to Where am I? In France!

  1. Renee says:

    I envy you the beautiful flowers. Sound like you’re having a good time even though you’re tired. Wish I was with you. Johnny’s off this week so he’ll keep me busy. Love ya

  2. ericagott says:

    I miss you, too, sis. It is gorgeous here, and I can always catch up on rest. Talksoon!

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