The wonders of old buildings

I love old buildings; they have such character. The rooms in old buildings are rarely square, the walls are irregular and bumpy and can be quite thick because of stone construction, doors stick when the weather changes, and every single one is different. Compare this to the cookie-cutter sameness of new construction, where uniformity and looking like every other place is the standard, and I’ll take an old building any day. Corcreggan Mill is such an old building, even though it was actually rebuilt 20 years ago. Brendan took a derelict home, tore it down, and then rebuilt it larger, using all the stones from the original. He also kept the beauty of the old building in the new, which gives it its trademark character.

Some of the wonders of Corcreggan Mill:

Simple lever latches for bathroom and outside door handles
skeleton keys
old safe (with a skeleton key)
radiators on a timer for ‘central heating’
thick exterior walls made from rock
stone and wooden floors
fireplaces in all the main sitting rooms (six at last count)

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One Response to The wonders of old buildings

  1. Judy W. says:

    Erratica, I’m curious if (one day) you could expand upon this idea. It might make a nice article…

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