More pictures of France

Just realized I didn’t post any pictures of the two collies here at l’Audouiniere, so here they are, as well as some more.

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7 Responses to More pictures of France

  1. what a beautiful little village!

    did you touch those stinging nettles?? i fell into a patch when i was little in England once and oh my did i bawl! it hurt so bad!

    • ericagott says:

      Oh, nettles and I became ‘friends’ in Ireland. Brendan told me if I could stand the sting, that the acid was supposed to be good for me. I just ignore the sting and it goes away in a little while. Falling into a patch would be a completely different story, though.

    • ericagott says:

      Isn’t she? A very sweet dog who seems to be very happy. Has ‘dry-eye syndrome.’ Makes no tears, so we have to do drops and wash her eyes out 3 times a day.

  2. Judy W. says:

    Love those collies. While you’re exploring regional cuisines of France, perhaps you could investigate what the dogs are eating. Do most get store-bought pet food, or do lots dine on home cooking? Is there a difference between the French and Americans in that regard?

    • ericagott says:

      well, my hosts feed theirs dry dog food, supplemented with a bit of canned. Sometimes they add a few gravy granules and water. The dogs are fed once a day, in the evening. Mornings, they get 2 Digestive biscuits between them. I think they like those even better than their regular food! No ‘people food’ for Livie and Kane, except the morning ‘biscuits.’

      I haven’t checked with the other British ex-pats who live near here, but I’m pretty sure they all feed their dogs commercial food. Raw-feeding doesn’t seem to have arrived in this area yet. Most people are on pretty tight budgets and don’t eat that much meat themselves–feeding their pets meat would be low on their priorities.

  3. Kendrick says:

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