The Next Phase of My Journey

It’s been three months and 4 days since I arrived in Europe. I’ve had a blast, traveling from London to Scotland to Ireland to England to France and back to Ireland. Even though there is much more to see in Europe, I’m feeling a little homesick for my kids and Texas. This doesn’t mean I’m through traveling, but I think I might like to see more of the United States for a while, before taking off again for the rest of the world.

At one time, I thought Ireland was my new ‘home,’ but now I’m not so sure. It’s gorgeous, and I feel so connected to the Sidhe, or faeries, here. The rainbows are truly magical. Texas isn’t home any more, either. Maybe I just need to travel more, but slowly, spending up to six months in each location, so I can really get to know it.

My daughter has (finally) expressed an interest in leaving Texas, and we’re now contemplating a move to Washington State to be closer to her best friend who’s stationed there with her husband in the Army. Hey, it’s close to the ocean and has mountains—what could be more ideal, right? I’m quite used to the rain now, since we’ve had about 3 nonstop weeks of it here in County Donegal (with just a couple of days of any sunshine at all, and 40F temps), so that shouldn’t be a problem.

Here’s my dilemma, however: I have no ticket home. When I bought my ticket to London, I scored a fabulous deal: US$300 on Iberia Airlines for a 30-day stay. Except I didn’t go home after 30 days, because I wasn’t ready to leave Ireland. Now I need a way to get a one-way ticket back to Dallas. I have some ideas for raising the money, though.

1. Raffle off my silk hand-knotted area rug from Egypt. I bought this in 2000 on a tour, and it has mostly been rolled and stored in a closet for 11 years. In the interest of decluttering, I think it’s time to let it go, don’t you?

Here’s a picture of the rug:

Hand-knotted silk rug from Egypt

This beautiful piece was hand-knotted in a rug factory near Cairo in 2000. It was being finished while I was touring. Being silk, each time you turn the rug, it looks different. Since I have cats, I never put this rug on the floor, but it briefly hung on the wall. It looks about as fresh as the day I brought it home. The image is a classic example of one of the many myth stories from ancient Egypt. Nut, the goddess of the sky, swallows the sun at dusk. The sun travels through her starry body all night, and is reborn in the morning as the sun god, in the form of a scarab. This picture is on the ceiling of the central room (the holy of holies) at the Temple of Hathor in Dendera.

Tickets are $25 each, payable through PayPal. Send me money with a note as to how many tickets are wanted, along with your name and address. I’ll respond with an email confirmation that will serve as your ‘ticket.’ Once the tickets are all sold, I’ll do a drawing (unbiased, drawn by one of my coworkers, Darian or Denis) and then the rug will be delivered/shipped by my daughter in Texas to the lucky recipient.

2. Raffle or sell outright my drum. I bought this from the Taos Drum Shop in New Mexico in March, 1997. I love the deep ‘voice’ it has. It hasn’t seen a whole lot of use, but has been hanging on the wall in every apartment I’ve had. I paid $80 for it. Raffle tickets are $10 each, or make me an offer.

Here are a couple of pictures of it, front and back:

Taos drum, top view

Taos drum, bottom view with stick

3. Sell my pictures of Ireland and France. Most have been posted here on the site or on Facebook, but these images have been compressed so much they wouldn’t be suitable for printing and framing. I propose to send buyers an uncompressed, clean jpg (or bitmap or Photoshop file, as needed) image that they can crop to suit, print, and frame (if desired). So far, I’ve sold a few like this for US$25 each. Pick your faves and I’ll zip them to you ASAP.

4. Accept donations from my readers, in any amount. Here’s the donate button, if anyone wants to take this option.

5. Barter for an airline ticket using your unused or extra air miles. If you want the rug, let me know right away, before I start taking money for the raffle tickets. Otherwise, I can trade the pictures.

Whatever the answer, it’s time to go back to where ‘home’ used to be: Texas, where my kids and cats are. Once there, I’ll figure out where to head next. If you have a hankering for a genuine Egyptian rug, or your own Irish or French countryside pictures, or are just feeling generous, I’d be so grateful.

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2 Responses to The Next Phase of My Journey

  1. Marilyn Miller says:

    So Erica, How much do you need to raise and are the raffle tickets going to be enough? When do you want to be home?


    • ericagott says:

      Marilyn, hi! I received $300 last night from someone who bought 12 of my photos, woohoo! A ticket looks like it’s going to cost between $700-800 to go from Dublin to Dallas. So, around $400-500 more. If I could sell 24-28 raffle tickets at $25 each, that would do it and let me eat, too, lol.

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