Update on my grain-free diet

Since May 19th, I’ve eaten no grains, and almost no sugar. Yes, there were a few exceptions, when I discovered after I’d eaten it, that brown sauce has wheat in it, and I did have 3-4 Guinnesses. I mean, you can’t be in Ireland and not have Guinness! But beyond that, I stuck like glue to my eating plan. Mostly I ate butter, meats cooked in lard, and a couple of salads. Once I ate a cup of ice cream, and suffered for it later. Dark chocolate was my go-to for dessert, and I kept that to a couple of squares at a time.

Now that I’m back in Texas, and have access to a scale, I discovered that I’ve lost about 25 pounds in that month and a half. I now weigh around 183 pounds. That’s the lowest I’ve been since I got pregnant in 1991. I’d been saying that if I could lose about 20 pounds, I’d be so happy. And I am!

After going through my clothes I gave several bags of things to Mission Arlington. Most of my shirts now fit me nicely instead of looking like I’m poured into them. I have 3 pairs of pants to wear, including my black skinny jeans that I haven’t worn since 2005 (and then they were too tight). I need new undies and a new bra, but will hold off on those until more weight is off. I went to the thrift shop and bought another pair of shorts and a pair of capris to go with the one pair of shorts that still fit. It’s just too hot here right now in North Texas to wear long pants!

My diet since returning home hasn’t been a lot different than in Ireland. I’m still eating plenty of meats, including bacon. I made taco meat one night for dinner, and am enjoying the leftovers. We bought thick slabs of garlic and herb chicken breast lunchmeat at Walmart, and I’ve made chicken salad for several days. Now that that’s finished, I’ll switch to tuna salad. With my Vitamix, I’ve had smoothies two days in a row. I used coconut milk thinned a bit with whole milk, two eggs, a little Splenda, and blueberries and strawberries (just under a cup of frozen fruit, to chill it and thicken it). Today I added cocoa powder and about ½ cup of pineapple and mango slices. This is perhaps more fruit than I should have in terms of carbs, but it was really delicious. Tomorrow I’ll use ice instead of fruit.

The only thing I’m not doing is getting as much exercise as I did while working at Corcreggan Mill. There I hauled laundry, made beds, cleaned bathrooms, and walked a LOT. I’m working up the courage to go for a neighborhood walk early in the morning, to keep myself in shape. Now that I’m lighter, I have more energy and feel more balanced. I want that to continue!

low carb taco salad -- no chips

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2 Responses to Update on my grain-free diet

  1. marianney says:

    congrats on losing that weight you wanted to lose!!

  2. Renee says:

    I’m so happy for you! You’ve done a great job. Love ya

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