Sugar is a pain in the butt

Interesting n=1 observation. I caved and ate an entire Butterfinger candy bar 2 nights ago. That’s about 44 grams of carbohydrate, way more than I usually allow myself in an entire day, much less in one weak moment. Yesterday, I started feeling pain in my left hip. I noticed it about midday, and as the day wore on, it got worse and worse. It was so bad, I could hardly walk last night. The pain seemed to be right in the joint, and then radiated down the front of my thigh; felt like it was in the bone. The odd thing? It was only on the left side. The right hip felt fine, which is good, because I would have been immobile, otherwise.

This morning, the pain is nearly all gone. Ate no chocolate yesterday at all. Had fried eggs and bacon for breakfast, a bacon cheeseburger with avocado for dinner (no bun, of course). Basically all protein and fat. I did eat a couple of Werther’s sugar free caramel and coffee hard candies, and my homemade lemonade (bottled lemon and lime juices, 2 packets of Truvia).

I thought it might be from sitting on my butt all day at the computer, but I’ve been doing that for that past couple of weeks. Why all of a sudden would I hurt so bad I could barely walk? And why would it all of a sudden be (mostly) gone over night?

Thinking I had ingested some type of grain, or at least gluten, I went on a search this morning. Found this article detailing gluten in typical Halloween candies. Their research says that Butterfingers don’t have gluten in them.

A search of the Internet found no listing of ingredients, even on the Nestle site (which did have nutritional labels for their candies). However, my daughter still hadn’t eaten her Butterfinger, so I absconded with it. Here is what the package lists as ingredients:

Corn syrup, sugar, ground roasted peanuts, hydrogenated palm kernel oil, cocoa, molasses, and less than 1% of whey, confectioner’s corn flakes, nonfat milk, salt, lactic acid esters, soy lecithin, soybean oil, cornstarch, artificial flavors, TBHQ and citric acid (to preserve freshness), yellow 5, red 40.

No gluten, but it does contain corn starch. My question is: If the Butterfinger bar caused the pain in my butt, was it the sugar and corn syrup, or the cornstarch that triggered it? Either way, this little ‘experiment’ just proved to me, once again, that grains and sugar are poison to my body. I can hardly wait for the pain to be completely gone and be back to my normal Diet to Live For self.

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3 Responses to Sugar is a pain in the butt

  1. Heidi P. says:

    Butterfingers used to be one of my favorites! Since going no grains and sugars, I’ve given in 2 times to temptation – birthday cake, and bread & cheesecake. Both times I paid dearly, but since there was wheat and sugar, I’m not sure which part (or both) caused me grief. But, like you, the experience made me even more committed to living grain & sugar-fee!

    • ericagott says:

      Since May, I’ve taken a bite from my daughter’s Butterfinger, but had seen the cornstarch and didn’t want to add grains back into my diet. However, I just caved the other night. I wanted sugar. Now I know, it would have been better to make my chocolate whipped cream ‘mousse’ instead, using Truvia or even Splenda.

  2. Charles says:

    dedication is inspiring. because I’ve been playing around not eating sugar. but never being serious…

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