Confession Time

I fudged on my Diet to Live For today. My friend and I went out to take her sister to the doc, and on the way home, we decided we wanted burgers for dinner. Since I started fighting a cold virus a day or so ago, I just didn’t feel like cooking. So, we went to Backyard Burgers, because it’s right by her house, and because…well,they’re good.

It started innocently enough. We ordered the American burger, with cheese and bacon, lettuce, tomato, onion, mayo, mustard, and ketchup. The woman behind the counter asked what kind of bun, and we said it didn’t matter, we weren’t eating it. She said, “I can make it a low carb burger, no problem,” which we eagerly accepted.

Now here is where the problem started. I asked her if their fries had wheat in them, because I was allergic to wheat. She ran to the back to check, and announced that the box only said “potatoes.” I said if there was an ingredient list and all it said was potatoes, then we were safe. So we both ordered fries. Once in the car, however, I realized that these were “seasoned” fries, and might not be so innocent.

At home, before we ate, I went online to Backyard Burger’s website to look up the allergens. Sure enough, the fries contained gluten.

By that time, the smell of the fries, plus the burger and my hunger, all conspired to have me throw up my hands and say, “Screw it, I’m eating the damn fries!” And so I did. All of them. And they were good.

Now I’m feeling a little guilty and ashamed at falling off the wagon and eating something with grains in it. True, it probably wasn’t enough to cause me to instantly swell up and gain 5 pounds, and since I don’t have celiac disease and am not really allergic to gluten, it’s probably not going to kill me.

A friend on Facebook, when I confessed this ‘sin,’ told me to prove to everyone out there that succumbing to a moment of weakness doesn’t mean I have to give up the Diet to Live For. So I went to the kitchen, and made a panful of bacon, and my friend and I ate bacon and sliced tomatoes. Her dog, Miles, helpfully watched me, in hopes of scoring some of the bacon…and of course, we complied. That is one spoiled dog. And I am feeling much better now, after climbing back on the wagon.

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4 Responses to Confession Time

  1. Erica, remember what Dr. Eades does for his patients: He allows them a holiday every once in awhile. And it’s important, as Sisson says in a recent post: Know your gateway foods. If anything, the point of living healthy is to develop an attitude toward food which absolves yourself of the traditional guilt and anxiety that can be self-perpetuating. We are all in this for the long view, and to take an economic metaphor: the stock market may dip, but we must stay calm, not panic, and always take the long-view. Your health is not a get rich quick scheme, and that’s the important thing to keep in mind. I really like following your progress, and the fact that you are doing it in such a mindful and optimistic and kind way only raises the bar. Keep rocking it out! You are doing good work!

    • ericagott says:

      Thanks, Andrei, I really appreciate that! I know I shouldn’t beat myself up over eating the fries, but I have prided myself on not (knowingly) eating any grains since last May. In a way, I feel like I’m setting an example I want others to follow. What I should also realize, is that it isn’t realistic to expect anyone, myself included, to be that strict 100% of the time.

      Thank you for reminding me of this.


  2. beth brewer says:

    I think it is really hard not to eat some wheat. its in just about everything! just when you think the food is safe a coating or spice is made with it.

    • ericagott says:

      So very true, Beth. That’s why I mostly cook for myself. The past 2-3 weeks have shown me how diligent you have to be when eating out. I’ve not only had to watch out for myself, but also to help my friends choose healthy foods from restaurant and fast food menus. I think we have to just do the best we can, and as Dr. Ostric, above says, know your gateway foods. Those are the ones that trigger you to binge.


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