A Story of a Business Idea, Delayed

Once upon a time, in what seems like a completely different life time, I was a massage therapist, working for myself. I had a business partner, Laura, and together we were trying to create something wonderful. Our business was called Absolute Balance. It was 1999.

That year there was a Holistic Networkers Expo at the Arlington Convention Center, and we wanted to be a part of it. However, we had no money for a booth ($450), so we came up with the brilliant idea of offering our services in exchange. Our idea? We would give the keynote speakers a massage in the name of the promoter. She loved the idea, and we were in.

We intended to promote our business (massage therapy) with free demos, but we also knew we could make some money if we offered something for sale. That was the birth of the idea of my all natural skin care products. I offered Beauty Oils to balance the facial skin, massage/bath oils, and lotions. We sold a few of them, but we sold more of the gemstones and jewelry we had on hand. One woman even bought my moldavite necklace right off of my neck!

A year later, Absolute Balance became unbalanced, and Laura and I dissolved our partnership to go our separate ways. At that time, we both agreed not to use the Absolute Balance name, so I changed my products to reflect the fact that I was now using essential oils I had purchased in Egypt on a tour in the spring of 2000. Egyptian Elixirs was born. My fragrances were expanded, and the few people that I convinced to buy them loved them and wanted more.

But I never really got my company off the ground. It was expensive buying the supplies needed, and with no real market for them just selling through my massage therapy business, I became frustrated and decided to just let them go. I used up my remaining supply, gave some away as gifts, and resigned myself that Egyptian Elixirs was a fun phase of my life, but nothing really important.

And yet, the idea has not left my mind. It keeps popping up, especially as I see others doing what I never had the wherewithal to do: promoting all natural things. Last night, while trying to unwind and get to sleep, the entire new line just popped into my head. The ideas were coming so fast they made my head spin, and I jumped up and started writing down what I saw in my mind.

I have a new name for my products, and I know what the label will look like, and the products I will offer. The products will include facial balancing oils, lip balms, body lotions, bath/massage oils, milk bath, and foot balms. Head to toe, my all natural skin care products have everything a person needs, and no nasty chemicals.

The next step is to figure out where to sell them and to get a manufacturer to produce and drop ship them for me. I think that was my major mistake in the beginning. I thought I had to create everything! I was creating the labels on Print Shop, using my inkjet printer to produce them, and then having to seal them so the ink wouldn’t run if it got wet. I bought all the ingredients and made the products, then bottled them and labeled them. It wasn’t very professional looking, and the ingredients, especially the essential oils, were prohibitively expensive for something I really had no market for yet.

I have a lot of work ahead of me to get this out to the world, but I’m determined. If this keeps popping up in my life, I must not be finished with it. I can take a hint.

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2 Responses to A Story of a Business Idea, Delayed

  1. Thomas says:

    Hello Erica, I just found your Blog site.
    I love some of the things you wrote…
    especially > Searching the world for natural foods and remedies…
    Erica, when I first saw your site, I thought you lived in the U.K. ?
    Am I mistaken… cause later I read on the site about living in the U.S. !
    Also, Erica, are you still a Diabetic ?
    I’d really like to connect …

    Warm regards,

    Thomas Lee

    • ericagott says:

      Hi, Thomas. Yes, I am an American. I visited Ireland last year and spent a few months volunteering there. I adore Europe! I am still a diabetic, as unless one constantly watches their diet, it never goes away.

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