About the Global Forager

Hello, my name is Erica Gott, and I am traveling the world as a nomad for a year (or more) so that I can meet new people, see new places, and eat new foods. My passion has always been about eating good foods. Discovering I have type 2 diabetes  in February 2008 led me, however, to being much more discriminating in the quality of what I eat.

The Western world’s diet (such as the Standard American Diet, or SAD) is killing us, in my opinion. We eat too much refined and processed non-foods, like white flour, white rice, and sugar. While the human body is very adaptable and works with whatever it is fed, it cannot always keep up with the abuse. In my case, as well as millions of others, the body just gives up and refuses to process the junk any longer. We then acquire type 2 diabetes mellitus, in which our bodies no longer utilize insulin correctly. The excess blood sugars roaming through our blood system cause wide-spread systemic damage, and this shortens our life spans.

My belief is that the body can and will heal itself if it is allowed to. The Diet to Live For© is my healing plan for myself. For this way of eating, I eat only whole foods, and lean towards the lower carbohydrate, higher fat end of the spectrum. No longer will I poison my body with enriched, bleached, white flour and overprocessed sugar. My meat is humanely raised (preferably grass-fed), my vegetables and fruits are organic or naturally raised with little to no pesticides or artificial fertilizers, and I eat healthy fats such as unhydrogenated pork lard, duck fat, olive oil, butter, cream, and cold-pressed nut oils. No grain-based vegetable oils for me, as even slight heating makes them into transfats.

Hopefully I will be able to follow this diet faithfully throughout the world. I expect to encounter a few problems in western Europe and Australia, but I will just lower my carbs and eat mainly proteins and fats. If possible, I will seek out and eat whole grain breads, as I do here in the U.S.

Subscribe to my blog and follow me around the world. Ask questions and I will do my best to answer them. This is going to be an exciting year!


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